A Norwegian musician/band, whose music one could categorize as black ambient. Mortiis the person used to play bass for Emperor back in the day when the Scandinavian black metal scene was dark and deadly. After recording a mini-cd with the band, he was forced to leave due to mounting disagreements with the drummer.

In 1993 he kicked off his self-titled project with the demo "The Songs Of A Long-Forgotten Ghost." This demo contained two lenghty suites and was released by his own label Dark Dungeon the same year. After signing with Cold Meat Industry, he released "Anden Som Gjorde Oppror" in 1994, and then in 1995 "Reiser Av En Dimension Ukjent". In 1995 he released five 12" singles, which were later grouped together and released as "Crypt Of The Wizard," again by Dark Dungeon, in 1996.

In 1999 he changed to famous metal label Earache and release "The Stargate" which jump-started his career and opened the road to further success. It was followed by "Fodt Til A Herske," a resurrection of his first demo, and "Crypt Of The Wizard."

In 2001 came "The Smell Of Rain" and a change in musical direction. He is just as uncompromising and inspiring as before, but uses his voice in more creative ways, making this record -- in this noders' eyes -- a true classic.

Mortiis may be known by his prosthetic hooked nose and pointy ears. Sometimes, during live perfomances, the glue that affixes these elements may be melted by the stage lighting or rendered ineffective due to Mortiis's own diabolical perspiration. In some cases, his nose and ears have been known to fall off.

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