Get my car fixed. Buy some real groceries; eat.
Take a shower. Draw more. Take more photos. Buy film. Start with fixing my holga.
Stop. Stand still; remember why I'm here. Close my eyes. Talk to people.
Stop, stop again, stop being so damn close minded.
Wear my glasses like I should. Restring my guitar. Buy a new old cd. Invite my friends out to dinner instead of going alone. In fact, stop being alone so often.
Trust people.
Kiss the girl.
Smile. Get new socks. Throw away all the spoiled food in the fridge. Sing like I used to.
Seriously, talk to people. Spend more time with the kids. Contact old friends; keep in touch.
Get better at communicating. Admit that yes, I do have self-confidence, but only when no one else is watching. Seriously, sleep.
Buy a new shirt. Get batteries for things. Listen.