It was a month and a day ago that I joined the e2 community. Lets say, its been a wild ride. At first, I doubted that I would continue to "play this little game" longer than a week. I soon discovered that it isn't a game, rather its my duty to contribute to the enormous database, known as e2. I know have 45 write-ups, and I feel that I am doing my part. Although, at first several of my write-ups were "Xed" (a.k.a. sent to Node Heaven), I was not discouraged. I also found out that posting lyrics is not the best way to earn xp. When I hit 25 (writeups) my so-called "power-trip" begun. I was just happy to have 10 votes a day to down vote the people who were still at level 1. I soon realized that, I HATED it when I was down voted and it is very discouraging, especially when you have little or no experience. Anyways, I started to use my votes for the better, improving the way e2 prioritizes its better write-ups. Of everything, I would have to say the best thing about e2 is getting one of your write-ups on the "Cool" list. So far, I have four C!'s. That is all of my $0.02.

I apologize for any of the words that I just happened to make up.