The surreality of daily life continues to amaze and delight...
The news that so many Britons have filled in 'Jedi Knight' for religious preference on a recent census form that the next census form will have to include it as a religion caused me no end of joy this week. The insidious nature of myth in culture proves to remain constant. This jibes well with the Jesus/Elvis religious genesis that I always imagine will be a legacy of the 20th century.
Then we have the phenomenon of Pakistani posters showing images of Osama Bin Lauden with our old friend Bert, the Sesame Street curmudgeon. No matter what the roots of that image are, the fact that it's become a part of the national dialgoue speaks of the pervasiveness of American media. I wonder if Bert is a Muslim? I bet Ernie is a Taoist.
Fixed mom's 'puter yesterday... if you call reformatting and reinstalling everything fixing. She lost her solitaire scores and her old emails, but there was no rescourse I could find. The poor little iMac could not see its own hard drive, the error message said Keys out of order. 4, 32. Best info I could come up with said this was a frag problem. I couldn't fool it onto doing anything, so reformat. Mom was pleased that all the email she'd not received yet was not lost! Heh. This from the woman who once sent me email reading "Will you come fix my computer? I can't get online." Gotta love Mom.
It's a lovely day, crisp fall, my favorite light and colors. Time to get out in it.