Well well well. -sigh-

Today I woke up an hour and a half later than I needed to. Got to work an hour and a half late. I fixed more stupid problems with the site, and made some awesome changes to the MySql database so as to make some things default differently. It's really cool.

I went to school again today. Finally got my U-Pass. It starts working tomorrow. RULE. That will save me like $30 a week on public transportation via CTA. I also completely finished (I think and hope) my registration for the fall. It's pretty warm out. I got gyros action from Chicago Carry Out. It was god.

Got back to work after two hours and did little. I was planning on making a popup confirmation on hitting the Reset button on for every page, but I didn't. I'll do it tomorrow. However, I DID make a crossover cable. So now Sam has no excuse to not be pummelled by me in Age of Empires (still no hope for Unreal). I now have a pile of network cable on the floor in my room. It's like 98.3 feet or something. I had it measured by the guy I got it from in this cool contraption that you plug both ends of the cable into and it tells you the strength of the cable and like exactly how long it is. Smart toy.

Then we watched the Simpsons. heh. Yeah, at work. It was fun.

I got my box of Magic cards today!!!

It's a full booster pack box of Mercadian Masques. I haven't opened it yet. I will in an hour. I'm excited. I also won an auction on eBay for four Serendib Efreets. That's awesome.

Today I listened to Grooverider's shit mixed by some weird guy, this one CD Jon gave me at work that has "Tech Step Comp" written on it (it's drum n bass shit with a Photek song on there that I know), Delta 9, Blue Man Group, and the Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel song from the Simpsons. Fuck yeah.

I promise myself now that I'm going to hook that damn TV and VCR up tonite and everything will be pretty and good. Wow. Today was pretty badass, despite the bad beginning. Good day.