aka Winkum

Wink is a game played by young Quakers (also known as Young Friends) and other members of Religious Youth Organizations. The game is surprisingly violent for a non-violent organization.
The game has many variations. The following is one:

Pairs of Players arrange themselves into a circle. A good game of wink has at least eight pairs -- much less and one must resort to playing Line Wink. Each pair is made up of one person sitting immediately behind another person. One person sitting in the circle does not have a partner at the start of the game. This person is the Winker.
When this arrangement is reached, the game commenced. The game is played out in a series of rounds. A single round plays out like this:

The Winker selects several pairs of players, usually around three.

When selected, the player sitting on the inside of the pair, that is, in front of the other player, must try to kiss the winker. This would seem an easy task, as the object of the winker is to be kissed. However, the object of the person sitting behind our courageous player is to stop them from reaching the winker.

Now, as the game is fairly physical, there some rules that are customarily followed to reduce injury.

No jewelry of any kind. This includes necklaces, watches, rings, piercings etc. It is VERY easy to get this caught and injure yourself.

While waiting to be winked, both cheeks of both players must be touching the ground and the players may not be touching each other.

Neither player, while the pair is in play, must be kneeling or lower -- i.e. feet may not be stood upon. No crouching, walking, running. While this increases exponetially the probability of contracting wink burn it also prevents you from cracking your skull open.

When a person says stop all play ends. In this respect, it is like fight club.