Q-Burns Abstract Message is Michael Donaldson, an Orlando DJ/producer that produces a brand of electronica that falls somewhere between the big beat of the Chemical Brothers and the synth-laden melodies of Orbital. Q-Burns is one of only a few American electronica artists (Moby, Plastikman, The Crystal Method, and Wink also come to mind) that have met with as much critical success as their European counterparts. He generally shies away from aggressive noises and ultra-fast beats, instead concentrating on creating a lush, soothing vibe grounded in the sounds of the Florida rave scene. At the same time, he frequently reveals his debt to genres as varied as R&B and kraut rock.

In addition to his remix work for Us3 and Faith No More, Q-Burns, who is signed to the Astralwerks label, has had time to release an EP (Doublecross), and two full-length albums: Oeuvre and Feng Shui .

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