Did you know there are people out there who believe that it is against the law for there to be prayer in public schools? They think that the government has passed some law keeping all of it outside of schools, that you can never pray inside a school. How silly of them! Of course there is prayer in schools, probably every day in just about every school, especially right before a test. Nobody is keeping an eye on the students, watching to see if any of them bow their heads or have their eyes closed and seem to be doing something privately, and punishing and/or suspending them for it. Heck, there are even schools that have religious clubs that meet after school on school grounds!

But I guess maybe that's not what they meant when they talk about school prayer being illegal. Maybe they really mean compulsory prayer, where the teacher, principal, or priest/pastor leads everyone in prayer that best fits the beliefs of the majority. Where public piety in schools is the default, and the student that doesn't want to participate is the one that stands out as different. Hmm, religious indoctrination by peer pressure. It seems awfully odd that they're so upset about each student being able to choose whether or not, and how, they pray.

Has become a big issue again due to the Supreme Court decision in Santa Fe Independent School District v. DOE. Listen to the people complain about the fact that they're not allowed to enforce their tyranny of the majority.