contents of pockets:

Ah the gentle intricacies I see in time I climb the rapid reflex of seconds into expanded dimensions released into action,into beauty of unaction into inaction and reaction

the suspension of tired thought in creation of silent consciousness of swimming blind and wishing a wet forever of running wildly with fleeting thoughts (think) of forgetful dreams and closing 2 used eyes with sleep or bust in mind.

Ah the caricatures of life inside this playground of rats with ties and hammers wanting ties instead of no longer a hammer;
of strangers rubbing in darkness to smile for cameras
of ones concerning themselves with concern and moderation and Im a pleasant human being
of waking up to go to sleep
of sleeping to wake up
of just doing this for now
of the future
of concepts
of people talking revolution not doing revolution

Ah the strange confusion of existence where the tired man never sleeps and the hungry man never eats and the blind man never sees but Ive got your eyes man just open my hand and the foods right in front of us all but Im no longer hungry.

I refuse my vegetables
I refuse my daily exercises
I refuse orders from my president my god or my father

I may be naive but Im not stupid so fuck your slow suicide fuck your eyes closed I see where Im told

take your zealousness and your belief system and go straight to your hell because I am not a citizen I am not sheep and I dont take the train so fuck punctuality

I dont need machines to truly get anywhere Im meant to be and I dont need your billyclub protection your badgefalse authority or your deadly I defend democracy fuck your democracy

go defend your quiet take one for the team life in a suburb prison go eat your words and lock your cell

these colors dont run because theres nowhere to go.

You locked yourself in and laughed saying now you cant get out, Ive got the key! and you must be very intelligent with your scientifically proven bigger brain frankly I feel ashamed

youve got expensive clothes and a whole lot of ink on paper and safes and locks and

all Ive got is my naked freedom
all Ive got is a grassy bed
all Ive got is the sunset and
all Ive got are two beautiful eyes open to the world.

open your eyes

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