American atheist (1919-??). The most prominent, controversial, and outspoken atheist in the world, she is best known as the woman who pushed the 1960s court cases that got mandatory school prayer removed from American public schools. More recently, she, her son, and her granddaughter disappeared without a trace, along with $500,000 in gold coins, in September 1995. It is not known if she is alive and in hiding or dead and buried. If she's dead, her body hasn't been found. If she's alive, O'Hair is doing a stunning job of keeping a low profile, especially considering how publicity-hungry she has previously been.

Years ago, I read an article about her in "Texas Monthly" magazine. It told how, when she was younger, she lived a very hard life, full of disappointments and failures. Someone who knew her back then said that one time she shook her fist at the sky, cursed God, and swore to get back at him someday. My conclusion: she was never really an atheist. She believed devoutly in God; she just really, really hated him.

Update: Yeah, she's dead. In 2001, a former employee led police to a skeleton which had a replacement hip which matched the one O'Hair got a few years ago...

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