Of course, like any cause, there are people who go too far. Name me one cause that hasn't had a fringe group do something stupid - but we should never let it reflect the cause itself (especially when it's a joke, like what the above sounds like). Otherwise we'd associate the entire pro-life movement with people who kill doctors (life is so sacred that we'll kill for it?), or we'd associate all biblical literalists with the Flat Earth Society.

But the idea of a treehugger, or all environmentalists in general, is a good idea. It's an attempt to provide a counterpoint to the corporate view of the environment as nothing more than a resourse to exploit for monetary gain with no concern for the results. Sure, some jobs will be lost, some business opportunities missed, some profit that won't be gained - but do you think that the jobs of one generation are worth having that generation's children or grandchildren deprived of nature? Is short-term gain really worth sacrificing long-term survival?

Is this an anti-corporate view? Yeah, I suppose so. But then again, I can't recall a corporation that gives me reason to have any other perspective.

If concern for the environment, health, and survival in the future is blind radicalism, then I'm happy to be called one.