I guess it's not really fair to say "my" plant life, it doesn't belong to me, I simply care for it.

Plants are quite similar to say, pets. If you're going to keep them, you damn well better look out for them, tend to their needs when they can't do it for themselves. Plant life "in the wild" is cared for by the earth and the rain, the sun, but when they're in your home, they don't really have that option.

I've done copious amounts of research on nearly every plant I have in my room, in my house, to make sure I can care for them properly. They enhance a room, a home, they make everything seem a little more peaceful. It's possible to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home, as it's possible to have little animals such as hamsters living within your walls. Plants can be quite a big responsibility if you decide to go the tropical route.. that's not to say other varieties don't need a lot of care as well.

I've killed a couple house plants in my life, and I felt very, very bad because it was my fault. I didn't water enough, I didn't remember something I should have. I killed my little tear drop hanging plant not very long ago and I cried, as I did when my Split Leaf Tree lost a brand new baby leaf because my mother carelessly knocked it off. I was so angry.. it was kind of strange, but to me, justified.

Sometimes I feel bad when I step on grass, simply because I could be crushing entire colonies of insects, damaging poor little blades of grass. It just feels so neat between the toes.. sigh, another guilty pleasure.

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