Having a pet plant, as opposed to a pet animal, is usually common for three types of people: college students, irresponsible people, and irresponsible college students. College students are generally not allowed to have "real" pets in a dorm, so there remains the option of getting a plant. And it is good for irresponsible people to get a pet plant too, so they can have something to love that isn't very easy to kill. Forgetting to feed your dog for three days is considered a lot more cruel than not watering your plant.

Now if you decide to get a pet plant, there are a couple of steps involved and things to keep in mind: - Take the bus to the nearest home depot - If you have a car to go in, I hate you - Heck, take your roommate with you and make it a bonding experience - Don't forget money. Stores don't usually accept promises - Dont take the first plant you see. Be meticulous - If you are extremely irresponsible, dont buy a plant with flowers. Negligence shows faster in petals than leaves - Cacti are the easiest to take care of. So, if you go on vacation for Christmas and forget about it, it probably won't disown you when you get back, - When you do finally pick a plant, get a pot. And a saucer. Try not to break them on the way home.

Or you could do it the easy way and steal one out of your neighboor's backyard.

Actually taking care of the plant is not hard: - Keep it in a windowsill or any other source of sunlight - Water it whenever the soil is almost dry. Not too much or it will drown - Don't let a fraternity guy borrow it for a scavenger hunt. You'll never get it back - Talk to it, tell it stories, tell it about your day. Even plants get lonely -Love it. It wants to have a reason to live

Even if you aren't in college, and are responsible, having a pet plant can be very fun and not time consuming. Everyone should have a pet plant. You can do it, even mine is still alive.

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