There are some great alternative treatments for warts. Anyone who either does not wish to use acids on their skin, or who has had problems with over the counter treatments, should look into less potentially harmful treatments. Going to the doctor for freezing is an option, but may leave a permanent scar. This clearly does not leave one much better off cosmetically. Some people don't respond at all to over the counter treatments such as salicylic acid or freezing-based treatments.

The most effective remedy I have found is Vitamin E. Vitamin E generally comes in small, liquid filled pills. Simply pierce the pill, squeeze the contents onto the wart, and cover it with a bandage. Repeat twice daily, and results should appear in about a weeks time.

Vitamin E treatments work by stimulating the area around the wart. Vitamin E stimulates the immune system, which can then better fight the virus living in your skin.

This treatment can be combined with numerous other natural remedies, such as ingesting garlic pills, or taping the wart. Sealing off the area from air can effectively kill the tissue and speed the body's rejection of the wart.