Human Papilloma Virus.

Some subtypes cause warts, bet they genital or otherwise. Other subtypes altogether are implicated in development of cervical cancer.

The most common of the sexually transmitted diseases. There are dozen of strains of HPV, the least harmful of which, causes visible warts (which are sometimes shaped like cauliflower) on your no-nos. Has been linked to cervical and penile cancer. Some experts estimate that up to 80% of young people (who have had 4 or more partners) between the ages of 16-28 have been exposed to HPV at some time or another. Some people with the virus show no visible signs and condoms do not protect from the virus 100% because the virus can hide in tissue surrounding the genitals. There is no cure for HPV. Treatments include:freezing of warts or topical cremes (for less severe cases) or laser surgery (more extreme). Warts re-occur in about 25% of cases. Some doctors believe that the virus is eventually recognized and destroyed by the body's immune system but there is no guaranteed timeline for when this can occur.

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