The Hairy Lemon is the name of a popular pub in central Dublin, Ireland.

It's a very large pub that occupies three buildings and is full of useless old crap like broken bicycles, old pumps, roadsigns etc. in an effort, I presume, to appeal to tourists. Parts of the film "The Commitments" were also shot here, adding to the appeal.

It is frequented by a fairly mixed crowd of all ages, although at the weekends it's more of a 30+ vibe if you're in for the night. It's not the type of place you would go on the pull in either. They've recently opened a new restaurant section and I hear the food is very good. They also serve a lovely pint.

The best thing about this pub is the little booth at the front that can fit no more that three people, with a huge window that faces out on to lower Stephen St.

You can sit there all day, watching the world go by.