They're in the newspaper for the small city I live in. They're just another name for the "Free for all" or "Come and get it" classifieds that you might find elsewhere -- an advertisement for something that is free (as in beer, for those who need to ask).

Being a tightwad, I cannot resist them. Not only do I relish them when I read the Sunday paper, but I try to remember to check them on the website during the week at least once. You could say it's a guilty pleasure, if I felt any guilt about it.

Free AMF snowmobile. Not run for 15 years. XXX-XXXX
I like this ad. It speaks to me -- I don't have any use for a snowmobile, mind you, but I understand the sentiment. The owner must have tripped over it one time too many and said "I have no use for this item." Of course, I would have had this happen much sooner than 15 years.
Kittens. Orange and white markings. Call XXX-XXXX.
I feel a bit of sadness pass through me. Not the sadness of seeing a pet cemetery, but it is of the same nature. The person didn't care enough before, and now they care, too late. I wish each kitten luck to myself.
Large collection of African violets. Call XXX-XXXX.
My wife loves African violets. She's good with them. Too bad they were gone before I even opened the paper.

But, really, are the ads happy? I'm sure that people would describe themselves as "happy to get such a good deal" or "happy to get rid of the item", but that is hardly happiness. I'm not certain that the ads themselves can be happy. As for the items involved, particularly the non-living ones -- What if they had feelings, too?

But since it brings pleasure to me, I guess it makes me happy.

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