A Berocca a pinkish tablet about the diameter of a mouse ball. Dissolved in water, Berocca becomes a red fizzy liquid which tastes a kinda sorta like orange juice, although there are a few flavours available.

Berocca is particularly popular as a hangover cure, although I'm not sure it helps. According to the packaging, if you "smoke too much, work too hard, drink too much, or don't get enough sleep, you may not be getting enough Vitamin B." I don't know if this is a case of cause and effect or just a coincidence.

I've been told that you can only get Berocca in Australia, so I took a shitload with me when I left Sydney two months ago. So far my supply hasn't run out, so I haven't tested that claim.

Thanks for the tip Heyoka, but I must point out out that it seems you can get Berocca from almost every chemist except Boots. Instead of Berocca, they stock Boots Effervescant Vitamin C tablets.

What is Berocca?

Berocca is a natural stimulant manufactured by Roche Consumer Health in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom.

Where it differs from most stimulants - e.g., coffee and Red Bull - is the lack of caffeine or sugars; Berocca maintains concentration using vitamins. In particular, B Vitamins and magnesium are the main active ingredients.

It is available in two forms: as a pill, and an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water and becomes more or less a soft drink.

The breakdown of nutrients is as follows:

What's in Berocca? (Pill form)

Ingredient - Per tablet - % RDA

Vitamin C - 475mg - 792

Thiamin - 10.6mg - 757

Riboflavin - 13.5mg - 844

Niacin - 45mg - 250

Vitamin B6 - 7.4mg - 370

Vitamin B12 - 8.5 microgrammes - 850

Biotin - 128 microgrammes - 85

Pantothenic acid - 20.7mg - 345

Calcium - 95mg - 12

Magnesium - 95mg - 32

Zinc - 9mg - 60

As you can see from the above, many of the ingredients contain a substantial percent of their recommended daily intake; one therefore wonders if prolonged use of Berocca is beneficial to one's health.

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