I've been working on buying a new house out here in Colorado... and it appears that we'll be signing the contract this week. It's a 5-level house (the basement is all mine, room for 12 of my computers plus the rack, and additional office space for my Ham Radio stuff). The big selling point was no covenants, ergo I will be putting up a nice 54-foot antenna tower.

Just signed up to teach four courses in my college during the Fall semester: three Windows Networking courses and an intro to Office 2000 class. I'm now looking into teaching at some of the other local colleges since I can make do at $32/hour.

Lost one of the processors in my main server, it seems that some of the thermal compound that Intel smeared on their processors leaked onto the pins while it was operating and killed it. This is the second Intel-installed cooling fan that killed a chip for me, so I'm going to stop using their crap and install real cooling systems, like Peltier junctions.

When you see Roninspoon, wish him congrats and condolences on getting shanghai'd into the Content Editor fold.