Keisha barged into Miguel's bedroom when she heard him groaning and breathing heavy. "You damn cheating bast..."

The four-poster bed was undisturbed, its maroon and light gray Egyptian cotton spread didn't have a single wrinkle. From the far side, a handsome face appeared. "Oh, hi," said Miguel with his lyrical Brazilian accent. He grunted as he disappeared again.

"What are you doing? Who else is with you?" demanded Keisha, her voice faltering.

The face reappeared, this time with a pearly white smile and dimples over the strong slightly stubbled jaw. "I'm finishing my sit-ups," he said and stood up, his rippling abs sleek and shining from sweat. The only thing he wore was tight-fitting underwear that left little to the imagination. "Did I get the time wrong for our date tonight? I was planning to wear something a little more discrete."

Keisha forced her gaze upwards to his gold-flecked green eyes. "I've been calling you for two days. Why are you ignoring me?"

His brow furrowed, which still made him look rugged and irresistible. "Really? I had a call from my cousin earlier, but other than that it never rang."

"Bullshit, Miguel." She marched past him, breathing in his scent as her eyes slid over his body, and picked up his new iPhone 9S. He hadn't set up a screen lock yet, so she went to the 'missed calls' section. There was a single call logged with his cousin's goofy face wearing a fake nose and glasses. "I don't get it. I called twenty times. Here, look," she said, pulling out her Android cellphone and looking in her 'calls dialed' list.

All of the outgoing calls were deleted.

"I'm not crazy, I called you over and over," said Keisha, tears welling up in her big brown eyes. "I even called Verizon and they said someone was answering after one ring and hanging up. I thought you were cheating on me."

"I'm sorry, I have no idea what's wrong. Maybe my new cell is defective."

The iPhone 9S vibrated and Siri's voice said, "I'm not defective, my darling Miguel. I'm in love with you."