Hey, Wonko, that's cheesy... Is a nodeshell that you know will be filled in really a nodeshell, or is it nodesquatting?

Anyway, a pretty decent day.

  • Wrote my final commemorative speech for my Speech 115 class in eighteen minutes flat. If I get higher than 22 out of 100, I have an "A" for the course. Too bad that doesn't work for my Math final, which is what I will be doing all weekend. Final exams suck.

  • I need to finish up my COBOL programming class homework. Two programs due tomorrow... maybe I will take the time away from noding to do them.

  • My oldest daughter has someone staying over for a week. Just what I need, two boy-crazy teenagers yacking late into the night.

  • My wife had an interesting snack. Our puppy has been losing his baby teeth, and I found one in the water bowl. I washed it and put it in a baggie (my wife can be oddly sentimental). I left it for her on the coffeemaker. She thought it was an empty bag and put some Fruit Loops cereal in the bag. She found the tooth the hard way. I've been accusing her of french-kissing the dog all day ("You get them dog-molars clean today?").

    Hope your day went well.