Thank you to everyone who msg'd and emailed me to express their condolences for the loss of our cat, as detailed in my most recent (and quite the three-handkerchief) daylog. We're doing much better -- we still miss her very much, but it's becoming okay now. We did decide to adopt a cat this week after a lot of discussion about whether it was too early or not. She's curled up and snoozing on the bed just a few feet away right now -- she's an 11-month-old tabby, gray and white with bright orange patches. After getting to know her a bit better we decided to name her Harlequin ("Harley" for short) because a patch of bright orange on one side of her face makes her look as if she's wearing a mask. She's very energetic and affectionate. Shira still hisses and growls at her whenever she sees her, but seems to be getting used to the new situation little by little.

Today I went to the bank and got cash for our trip to Los Angeles}LA tomorrow. My stepbrother bought a house near USC and we're driving up to visit. He lives on 4th off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Wasn't it Chris Rock who said, "When you're on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard anywhere in the country, you know there's some violence going down close by."? Ennyway, my parents arrived there on Thursday and we're all going to the flea market at the Pasadena Rose Bowl together. The market is supposed to be absolutely incredible, just huge and full of the most amazing things at low prices.

So I got out a little bit of cash, yes, and swept the leaves off the patio, and cleaned the catboxen, and took a walk to 7-11 for an RC Cola, and played StarCraft twice, and now I am going to email my half-sister-in-law Janis about the places she found that might buy Angela's painted glassware and then I'm going to write. And then pick Angela up from work.

Oh, yeah -- dann stayed with us on Monday night. Claypenny and her son met us at Rubio's for dinner and we all hung out together at our apartment for a bit talking. (We put My Neighbor Totoro on for Michael, and he was immediately sucked in. Yay.) We fed dann a fish burrito from Rubio's just so's he'd have an authentic San Diego experience, and sent him northward the next morning with a six-pack of Karl Strauss Red Trolley, San Diego in liquid form. Hope everyone had/is having a good time up in Portland.