One day soon (I hope), I'm going to create this node I've had rattling around in my head for ages discussing various ways to make yourself write when you really don't want to. One way Julia Cameron recommends is to persuade yourself that all you have to do is sit down and peck out a few words. Maybe a paragraph or two, maybe a page, whatever you feel up to as long as you put something down. Just ten minutes at the keyboard. That's not so hard, is it? More often than not you find that once you've started you just keep going, and that's a good thing. But if you do just get a handful of sentences down before you flee, that's still much better than nothing. So last night I was feeling tired and gloomy and didn't want to write. (For no particular reason--I was just moody.) But! I sat down, wrote a few words, and did some manuscript formatting. My new motto may be, Something: it's better than Nothing.

Incidentally, iUniverse is very responsive to inquiries. I emailed them with a formatting question and got a clear, concise answer that very night! Stellar. (The answer was, to indicate a significant shift in time and/or space within a chapter, use three centered asterisks.)

Not That You Asked dept. With all due respect to Sensei, I don't like it when people node their homework. I find reading people's term papers dull and would much prefer it if they used them as source material for an E2 node created from scratch, rather than just adding hardlinks to something they wrote for class. Please note that this is a minority opinion, and that if you do node your homework, I won't downvote or nuke it or anything. It's just not my cup of tea. Well, except for the time factgirl noded her paper analyzing a piece of E2 poetry. Clever girl!

I was happy to see that the upcoming romantic comedy Down With Love is directed by Peyton Reed, who brought us the wonderful cheerleading extravaganza Bring It On. The latter film is smart and very funny, so I'm looking forward to this new offering. It's inspired by those corny old Doris Day/Rock Hudson flicks (which my wife adores) and is shot as if it were made in the 60s -- split screens, stock footage, everything built on a soundstage, the works. Sounds like a good date movie.

If I had my own E2, I'd make it a searchable database of allusions. Like, if someone heard the phrase "Is she really going out with him?" and wondered if it was "from something", they could type in Is she really going out with him? and find...well, a writeup very much like my own for that topic on E2. Maybe call it, or something similar. Basically dumping all the pop cultural (and high cultural) footnotes in my head into a searchable database. ::shrug::