Why doesn't anybody KNOW about this??!

IBVA stands for Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer. It's part Matrix, part Orwell, part fantasy, part technology, and comes with the added bonus of being REAL.

We're talking about a device here that transmits your brainwaves in electronic format to a home computer...no, seriously! You got this thing, you can control your pc by thinking. Add to that the fact that it works with the Net, and you could really, honestly, fuck with your Swiss bank account from L.A. while jumping on a trampoline, nowhere near a keyboard!

Since my mission within Everything is largely philosophical in nature, I will point out that I'm plugging this company because I'm truly ecstatic about the social, philosophical, and even magickal ramifications of IBVA. Check out the company's website at--you guessed it--www.ibva.com.