An installment of the Final Fantasy series of console RPGs that was originally made for the Super Famicom. Despite petitions galore, this game didn't make it out of Japan until several years later as part of Final Fantasy Anthology -- and by then, fans had long since translated the game for play in emulators, and the official translation was generally considered not to be as good. Go figure.

The plot of FF5 isn't as good as in many other FFs IMO, but the gameplay is quite enjoyable. As you progress through the game, you gain access to various classes or "jobs" you can have your characters switch between at will. However, the more time a character spends as a certain class, the more abilities from that class the character learns. It is possible for a character to use a learned ability from one class while being another; thus, you get to customize your party. Playing with the various combinations is the real fun of this particular Final Fantasy.