I think women just aren’t attracted to deer in the headlight guys who complain that women only like jerks and never notice what a nice, sensitive intellectual they are. Confidence is important and jerks are normally more outwardly confident than whiners. I think this issue has more to do with guys who feel cheated than women liking jerks. "Oh woe is me if only she would take the time to learn how great I am instead of wasting it with those animals"

This is a good time to bring up the fact that so many of my nodes are excellent and thoughful but are often overlooked for stupid nodes that are a waste of nodespace and are not even funny or factual and that most people who vote on E2 wouldnt't know a good node if it smacked them in the face but I trudge along waiting for the day a high level noder will notice me and rock me back and forth telling me "baby its going to be ok" while voting me up up and away