Official Proof that Women are twice the root of all evil

Given the adage that the root of all evil is money :: money = root(all evil)

...And also that its a well known fact that in order to date them, you need both time and money :: women = time + money

Since it was proven long ago that time is actually money :: time = money

Then we can logically prove by commutativity that :: women = 2x root(all evil)

In other words, women are twice the root of all evil.


Money = √(Evil)

Women = Time * Money

Time = Money

Women = (Money)(Money) = Evil

A problem with this "proof" occurred to me immediately: Since evil is negative, the square root of evil must be imaginary, which would mean that money is imaginary, and therefore, by definition, so is time.

Then I realized that, in my life at least, that's pretty much true.

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