The three fundemental laws of human life, it is through these three basic statements that all actions can be explained, and now, the break down:

  1. Men are stupid: Every woman has been saying this for centuries, and can we guys really and truly deny it, we've all got those stories (or dark secrets) of the incredibly stupid things we have done (usually because of a woman, see #2), and when it comes right down to it we men can code killer apps, design weapons of mass destruction and harness hydroelectric power, but most of us still have a timed electronic device blinking 12:00.
  2. Women are evil: Every man has been saying this for centuries, and who can really deny it, what woman hasn't used men's overwhelming stupidity in order to gain an advantage, and if you haven't, well you should probably start.
  3. Food is good: Well this is something no one will ever disagree on (ok, with the possible exception of anorexics). Most of us out there eat every so often and some of us keep a constant flow of food streaming into our stomachs. Men like food because they can understand it, and women like food because it tastes good. When ever #1 or #2 begin to tax your nerves you can always depend on this basic rule to provide some solace. Share and enjoy.

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