June 1st, my last day as an employee for my bank and sadly, my last day on e2 for at least 2 mnths. 8:45 right after my office party, Im boarding the Greyhound for the 10 hour trip from Toronto. I have yet to look at a map and my geography is bad. I have no idea where Ohio is, except that it is in America, Oberlin College is there, cleveland and columbus are there and that it is eastish (i thought, it turns out to be westish). All I know is there is a bus at 845 and that if I never go and meet all the people who ive seen/read/enjoyed for the last year that that would be a shame. I will need somewhere to sleep. Im very excited and have promised myself not to tackle any of the people who run this site with the millions of questions I have.

please /msg me if you are coming from/by toronto or if your an american who might be able to help me with some little edible smurf houses and/or good camping advice for Ohio.


do to a pretty dismal outlook on the ohio camping front I am now 80% going to be driving into columbus from Upstate Newyork. If this helps someone let me know. ¤Á¤Ñ ¤Ä¤¡ What is with the love affair with the plot of grass among motorhomes style camping?