Woke this morning at quarter to six with a tremendous pain lodged behind my right eyeball. It was still dark and I had trouble seeing out of said eye; had to feel my way to the bathroom to down some painkillers. It's funny, I haven’t thought about it since. There is so much wrong with my body that at this point I find myself simply ignoring it.

Beautiful girl came up to visit me today, complete with new hair-cut and pretty clothes. Nice dinner at the Glass Onion, followed by an 8:45 showing of Traffic at the American. Very heavy film; good but I don't think I'd want to see it again.

Drove home from the theater with a pretty girl on my arm. Stopped at Stewarts for gas. Inside two angsty teeny-boppers were raging against the machine by wearing baggy pants and drinking coffee after midnight. The ice cream flavors of the week were chocolate and pistachio. I love pistachio.

Returned home to find a node I wrote last night was in error and I had broken e2 etiquette. I've been here long enough that I should know better. I had the problem fixed the best I could and apologized to the involved parties. Still, I feel pretty bad about it.

It seems now that I am tired all the time. I sleep much more than I should and obligations are left to pile as I snore. When I wake it is either from a headache or stomach pain; the latter I've been experiencing ever since the surgery. "Get your shit together" pops into my head as a good mantra to chant, some sort of encouraging kick-in-the-pants. All I want to do now is go to bed, but unfortunately that would mean rising in the morning.

I can't believe I've begun to think like this again.