This node lists all the games I am aware of which used to be playable on Everything, but now are not, either because the game came to a natural end, or because the game nodes were nuked. Please /msg me if you know of any more, giving as much information as you can about the game and why it no longer exists. For games which still exist, please see everything games.

Adventure games which had a reasonable amount of content. Perhaps they were nuked because the individual writeups were too short and not interesting enough.

  • Play The Everything Adventure Game - the game of your life, starting with your birth. This was the most polished adventure game on Everything. All the links worked, and you could come to a good or bad end.
  • Everything Maze - you were in a maze and you had to find the exit. There were lots of dead ends, and usually no option to turn around and go back, although no reason was given for this. Again, all the links worked.
  • Life In Hell Adventure - an unusually literary adventure which began with you waking up covered in blood and not knowing who you were. Unfortunately it was never finished.
  • The Everything Adventure Game - you were captured by aliens. This had lots of nodes written by several different people, but also plenty of broken links.
  • Mikey's Cool Choose-Your-Own Adventure! - you were at your awful tech support job. This was a nice adventure, except that there seemed to be no path that ended in anything other than death or a broken link.
  • The Everything 2 Adventure Game! - you were noding on everything, when suddenly a vortex appeared. Another fun adventure that sadly could only end in a broken link. (You could die, but there would still be links to follow afterwards.)
  • The Everything Adventure Game! - "this was a broken link, now what?" Could lead to a maze of twisty passages, or to a somewhat random film-style adventure which would go on for a while before hitting a broken link.
  • The New Everything Adventure Game - you woke up, you were late for work and you had forgotten your socks. You could find an alien spaceship during this adventure, but sadly all the links from that node were broken.
  • The MIT AI Lab Adventure Game - you were a graduate student at the MIT AI Lab. This "game" only offered one choice at each stage, but at least it was finished.

Adventure games which didn't have much content:

Everything2 Connect Four was removed on February 26, 2001 because it was a particularly bad example of Noding for Numbers. Everything2 Tic Tac Toe and nim : home were removed between then and November 3, 2001.

Games played by clicking links, using the whole network of nodes:

Games requiring noding:

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