Attraction in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Somewhat unique theater design involves a stationary, round, segmented center stage, around which a ring of theaters rotates. There are six segments on the stage. Each set of theater seats can view a different part of the stage, allowing four different shows to be going on at once, plus one show loading and a sixth one unloading. Each segment of the show is the same length; every few minutes, the entire building (minus the stage) rotates to the next segment.

After loading into your theater and listening to the quick pre-show introduction, you are rotated around to the next stage, where you see a happy middle-aged animatronic man singing "It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", a song by Richard and Robert Sherman. The same man will be your "guide" throughout the show, and the song serves as the transition between segments.

The four show segments show life in a typical American household in each of four eras -- the Turn of the Century, the 1920s, the 1940s, and the near future. The man and his family (who are transplanted into the different eras rather than aged) help explain and illustrate the many technological advances being utilized at those times.

The show is a message of hope and excitement for the future, originally created for a World's Fair (as was It's a Small World). The big message is that progress continues, and it's only going to get better from here. A bit optimistic, perhaps, but that's Walt Disney for you.