Theater term for, oddly enough, the center of the stage. See stage direction.

Also a coming-of-age movie that came out in summer 2000. Tracks the paths of a group of kids during their senior year at a prestigious ballet academy in New York City. It is definitely a chick flick, but I also liked it because almost none of the characters were two-dimensional, (although they were a little cliched) and because it confirmed my suspicions about ballet: That it is filled with shallow, backstabbing, uptight, self-important prisses that have been subjected to relentless behavior modification until they are only remote approximations of human beings.

If you are dating a girly girl and want to get laid, give her a rose, take her to a nice restaurant, and then see (or rent) this movie. Then, and this is important, tell her "I think you look a lot better than any of the women in that movie." This will probably even be true, since every actress looks creepily anorexic.

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