Delerium compilation album, published 1995.

Track Listing:

(1) Monuments of Deceit (Faces Forms and Illusions) (4:17)
(2) Inside the Chamber (Faces Forms and Illusions) (6:19)
(3) Morpheus (Morpheus) (4:54)
(4) Faith (Morpheus) (4:42)
(5) Prophecy (Syrophenikan) (6:32)
(6) Of The Tribe (Syrophenikan) (5:02)
(7) Lost Passion (Stone Tower) (8:30)
(8) Tundra (Stone Tower) (8:55)
(9) Sphere (Stone Tower) (5:50)
(10) Embryo (Previously Unreleased) (4:19)
(11) Brainwaves (Previously Unreleased) (8:57)

All Songs Written by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber.
Monuments of Deceit written by Bill Leeb and Michael Balch.

This is a collection of songs from 1988-1993. Persons involved in mixing are Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber, Anthony Valcic, Chris Peterson, and Michael Balch. Studios Used: Limited Vision, Vancouver Studios, and the Basement.

Life is an eternity of evolution but death is a reflection of the past.

Dossier DCD 9071