Well, it's still tecnically the 29th here, but what the hell.

Walking to school today I was struck by the blandness of autumn in Calgary... At the beginning of university year, the foliage was showing promise. It had begun to turn nicely to a brilliant yellow on a few of the trees along the path I take to get to get to school. There was even one point in the walk where the bushes were become quite beautiful. There is one type of bush where the leaves turn from green through yellow and orange to red. All of the leaves do this individually, and the result is a brilliant multihued masterpiece. To top this off, some of the bushes had ivy twined through them and creeping along the ground below them. The ivy had turned a deep, gorgeous red. It was quite a sight, to see the dark red ivy twisting thorugh the bushes. I had even made a mental note to bring my camera the next day to take pictures of it.

And then it snowed. Two days straight. Most of the trees hadn't even started to turn yet. Now the ivy lays limp and shrivelled along my path to school. The leaves never finished turning in the bushes. They just faded to a duller shade of the colour they were before it snowed and fell off, without even browning first. And the snow disappeared right away, so there's not even that to look at and admire.

A dull fall... Makes me look forward to the winter, even though it's supposed to be one of the longest and coldest in recent memory. I can't wait for night curled up under the covers with my honey, spooning and drifting to sleep together.