I'm writing this pretty late in the day, I hope I can still remember it...

I was visiting my sister in her brand-new apartment. Her building looked like the Calgary tower. (For those of you who don't get to Calgary much, the Calgary tower is one of those tall, thin towers with nothing but an elevator shaft and stairs most of the way up, and a rotating restaurant and observation deck up top.) Where the restaurant is located is where the apartments were. For some reason, the had built this ridiculous apartment building about 20 feet from shore in a small bay lined with cliffs. There was a beach and a city just behind the beach.

While I was up in my sister's apartment, a volcano erupted a little farther out in the bay. It wasn't there before it erupted, it just kind of grew up from the bay. Anyways, since my sister's apartment building was shaped the way it was, big chunks of rock and lava started flying through the floor of her apartment, because the volcano was close enough that it could spew that stuff and hit the building.

We took the stairs down and left the building (we were wading in the bay), and saw that the volcano was dumping a lot of lava into the bay. Some of it had reached the shore and the city, and everyone from the city was coming down to the water, because they thought that the lava wouldn't hurt them in the water. But the water got really hot (from having a lot of molten rock dumped into it), and everyone was burning their legs.

I saw a friend of the family's daughter. She was crying because her legs were burnt. So I picked her up and kept walking in the water away from the volcano. For some reason, my legs never got burnt. After we walked for a ways, there was a ladder laying flat above the water. Not floating in the water, but above it. We crawled along the ladder, back towards the volcano.

And then my stepdad woke me up. Dangit, I wanted to see where that was going.