1. DragonFire was initially a net service offering shell accounts, web page space, pop accounts, ftp and all that jazz for free.

    They had to start charging a while back, but still were an embodiment of 'net culture, cradling users' and their netspace.

    Recently they announced their closure, heralding the end of a Very Good Thing.

  2. DragonFire is also the name of a gaming convention focusing maily on roleplaying games in the style of Dungeons and Dragons.

Addendum: (ca. Novem 2000, pasted from a deleted node) It's been one of those days.. spent trying to find old net haunts and finding them long since vaporised, merely memories echoing through the vastness of cyberspace. This was another of those signposts of change.

A sad little piece of news indeed, the great DragonFire has been destroyed by the capitalist machine.

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:57:30 -0800 (PST)
From: DreamHaven/Dragonfire 
To: staff@dragonfier.net
Subject: IMPORTANT: Dragonfire closure


Dear Dragonfire User:

We regret that we must inform you that Dreamhaven/Dragonfire Internet
Services will be closing at the end of November.

We have been searching for several months to find a buyer for our service,
and hoped to be able to offer you continuing of services under a new
owner, however no buyer has been forthcoming.  As we can no longer afford
to continue offering the service on our own, this leaves us no choice but
to close.

Please note the following important dates:

     o  We will close all user accounts on December 5, 2000.  At that time,
	all shell, email (POP and IMAP servers) and web services will be shut
	down.  Please, remove your email and other files and make
	arrangements to have any domains hosted elsewhere by that time.

     o  We will allow FTP access to accounts for the purposes of file
	removal though noon on December 10, 2000.  You must remove your
	files by noon EST on that date.

     o	After that time, files may be available by writing to
	staff@dreamhaven.org by December 15, 2000 and requesting your
	files be sent to you.  If possible, a zipped copy of your files
	will be sent to you, however, WE CANNOT GAURENTEE THAT WE CAN
	COMPLETE SUCH REQUESTS, especially for large accounts.

     o	Any domain change requests which require our approval must also be made
	by December 20, 2000.

     o  Any undeposited payments as of the date of this email will be	
	shredded and discarded with your safety and privacy in
	mind.  (Please check your bank statements to check payment status where
	possible; accounting is understaffed and cannot ensure a swift reply to

We again want to extend an apology that we could not find everyone a new
home like we had hoped.  It has been a good few years, but with the tough
competition from the larger corporate entities taking over the Internet
these days, sometimes there's just no more room for the little guys.  We
wish you all the very best.

Bryce Newall
Mikel Tidwell