Parts List

Building Instructions

  1. Find a window you wish to use for the effect
  2. Attach string to the bottom and top of the silk. A string for each of the four corners of the silk
  3. With a scissors, you can cut a jagged top to the top of the silk
  4. Attach the bottom strings to weights to hold the silk in place in front of the window
  5. Attach the top strings to a curtain rod or any other place to hold the silk loosely up.
  6. Place orange light in front of the silk between the silk and the window.
  7. Place the fan between the silk and the window, pointing up and towards the silk.
  8. Use the cardboard to create the edges of an interior room, paint and place near the window

  9. Turn on fan and light and bravo! You have fake fire.

This is just a basic layout of how to build fire. Variations can be made including adding red and yellow blinking lights. Experiment to see what works best.

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