Fart can is a derogatory name for a fairly standard feature of badly modified rice burners. It is a massively oversized exhaust tip (usually, large enough to contain a grapefruit, coconut, or, occasionally, bowling ball) which serves to resonate with the pulses of exhaust gases leaving the automobile's muffler in an attempt to make the car's engine sound larger and more powerful. In reality, though, it causes the exhaust note to become a sound which could be described as a cross between flatulence (I'm talking earth-shaking flatulence here) and ball bearings being shaken in a tin can. Its sound is often heard in conjunction with a ghetto blaster rattling the trunk lid, something which makes causes stopping at a traffic light to become an irritating experience.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive With Fart Cans.

There are objects called fart cans which are actually what the name implies (they are also sometimes called fart spray): an ordinary aerosol spray can filled with something that purports to smell like flatulence--designed primarily for pre-pubescents and the criminally insane, one would presume.

I saw one of these when I went to a local food festival sort of thing with a friend when we were 11. One of the booths sold these and my friend bought one. His experimentation yielded the following results:

  • They don't smell that much like farts unless you really use your imagination.
  • They do, however, smell pretty nasty on their own.
  • If you spray them underneath a table, say, they're strong enough that the other people WILL notice.
  • The contents are flammable.
  • Ants on fire are funny.
  • I think it goes without saying that there's no actual use for these unless you're really immature, since the novelty wore off really, really fast even for us 11-year-olds, and we had to branch out into other means like setting ants on fire.

    Now those things where you squeezed the envelope and it swelled and exploded, THOSE were cool.

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