It is possible to light your own farts. Lighting other people's farts is also possible but position is very important to avoid the ensuing backdraft.

Important: Hairy posteriors are not recommended for this task. The backdraft could cause a major fire in the rectal area.

The trick is to bring the match to the expelled gas rather than hold the match and fart on to it. I'm not sure of the speed of the expelled gas but it's plenty to blow out a burning match. Timing is very important as a fart usually has a finite length of time in which to operate. I suggest a meal of cabbage, brussels sprouts and tacos at least 30 minutes beforehand.

It is best to follow the procedure after alcohol consumption in the company of close friends rather than in public. Wedding receptions and funerals are a no-no.

Many Englishmen believe this to be a mating ritual which dates back to the middle-ages.

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