The sky is blue.

Our science teachers have taught us,
There is no "blue" in the sky;
(Perhaps in the way that there is no 'I' in 'team')
There is only Rayleigh Scattering,
And the inability of longer wavelengths of light
To be captured by it
Until sunset.

This must be true,
For I have flown high up into it,
And never been able to find a patch of blue
To take home.

The sky is grey.

Never, never, never;

The greyest day is still only white,
Seen dimly, from below.

And even then, always, one can search enough,
And find the patch of color,
Or the color in every patch.

The sky is black.

"Blackest night" is simply when
The stars shine brightest.
Countless, endless orbs of flame,
Ringed by worlds to dwarf our own.

O, what fools men are to dream
That our thin veil of atmosphere
Can shield us from our Universe.