Today I am *&%#))@!#%+:... still recovering from the weekend. At work, I struggle to remain awake in front of the taunting computer screen. Work it says. Sure, sure, lemme just get a brief day log down in further procrastination.

Phil and I enjoyed a two-night rave over the weekend. We ended up having one of the best times we've ever had at a show, seeing plenty of friends and several performers we've been longing to see for a while. Of course, Sandra Collins was swaying at the decks on Jack Daniels and a lil' something else, I was told, and she was two hours late. But Prophecy's performance was wonderful. Though not the most inventive musically, they put on a show replete with stunning visuals, and a passionate performance is never wasted. Regardless of the small pockets of e-tards, the crowd was excellent. I met Shannon, the singer for Prophecy while in the bathroom. I was a bit tied at the tongue- it can be difficult to speak to a spectacularly-dressed goddess-like woman while standing in a line to pee.

We watched the movie "Arlington Road," starring Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges over the weekend as well. Quite good and quite depressing- I do recommend it. Interesting to watch a film about terrorism in America right now, no?

We had pictures developed from the late night revelling, and most of them came out well. Phil may put them online at some point. All in all, a great weekend, though now we are paying the price. We plan on being home-bodies for a little while- after all we really don't want to become poster children for a Bosch painting.