Oh happy day!
Tomorrow I head off for Harvard - not for school- since I'm not good enough for that sort of thing
But for an internship at SAO - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
I still have no idea what I will actaully do there, but I do know that my topic is cataclysmic variable stars.

The trip up here was just wonderful, I'd never been to the north east before.
The first leg of the trip was to see New Orleans - I admit - since I am underage- the city was not all that great
Actually I spent most of the one day we were really there in the hospital
Diagnosis: We don't know why your stomach hurts - here have some pain killers and we will bill your dad.

Actually they thought that I could have endometriosis and that I should seek further medical stuff.

Well in the following days my wonderful boyfriend and I made our way up to the Great Smoky Mountiains - He fell in love with the place and I admit - It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.
I think he wants to move there
I told him that It would have to wait until I got my degree *grin*
We stayed the night there and ran the risk of being eaten by bears - well not really - but they do have bears in the park

The next day we took a road trip of the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs through the mountains there - It was a beautiful drive but slow as hell
The next day we went around historic Virginia, Monticello and Williamsburg. Very nice day - it felt good to get out of the car and walk around all day.
The following day we went to D.C. That was really cool.
We walked around a bunch of the Smithsonian museums and ate really great ice cream and stared and stupid art.
That, my friends, was a good day.
The next day was scary
We drove up to New York City - the scariest city ever. I was all about going there and seeing the sites, but when we arrived all we saw was dirt and filth everywhere. The city was gross. While driving around the city and nearly getting myself killed a few times, we found our way to Time Square - That place made me sick to my stomach - This was the most materialstic, sad, scariest place I'd ever been to
But I digress
The following day instead of returning to the city we moved on to Boston and ate wonderful food. That was also a good day.

The next morning I had to drive my boyfriend to the airport and say goodbye to him for a month. I wasn't allowed to go past the security gate, so I said goodbye and returned to my car in the pouring rain and cried for a few minutes.

And that concluded my trip to Boston - Now I get to sit around for a day and wait untill all of the other interns arrive.