Oysterhead formed for a single night (5/4/2000) only during the New Orleans Jazz Fest of 2000. Comprised of Trey Anastasio (Phish) on guitar, Les Claypool (Primus) on bass and Stewart Copeland (Police) on drums.

The show held at the Saenger Theater sold out in 15 minuets and one phan even paid some $2,000 for a ticket on e-bay.

set1: Oysterhead*, He's An Inpiration, The Mountain, Rubbernecking Lines, He Used To Be The Owner Of The World^, The Meadow, Wildwood Weed, Sinking Down, Ain't No Cure For Suicide, Jerry Was A Race Car Driver**

E: The Immigrant Song***, The Israelites%%%, All Day and All Of The Night**** E2: House Of The Rising Sun

Note: Songs with unknown titles were given names from the lyrics.

* - Band took the stage late, all wearing white jumpsuits
^ - Trey dedicated this tune to Jon Fishman, who ran on stage and bowed
** - Primus original. With "Reba" lyrics (somewhat different than normal)
*** - Led Zeppelin original; band going crazy, with Trey jumping on Les
**** - The Kinks original
%%% - The Israelites is by Desmond Dekker and the Aces

__________________________________________________ Oysterhead has also released an album and will go on a Fall 2000 tour.