Los Cubanos Postizos = The Prosthetic Cubans

Guitarist Marc Ribot's band devoted to playing the music of band leader Arsenio Rodriguez and other Cubans. It is also the amusing and sometimes beautiful eponymous first CD by that band, released in 1998 on Atlantic Records. The music is treated respectfully, if not quite played straight; there is a slight off-kilter aspect to it (perhaps like a person walking with a prosthetic limb?) and Ribot's Spanish vocals are a hoot.

The story I heard was that Anthony Coleman played some of Rodriguez's music for Ribot, who was impressed. Ribot thought it would be fun to get a band together to play some of the tunes in a bar. It worked so well that after two gigs, they were signed to a major label.

The band has also released a second CD called Muy Divertido! (Very Entertaining)

Los Cubanos Postizos:
Marc Ribot: guitar
Anthony Coleman: organ
Brad Jones: bass
John Medeski: organ
E.J. Rodriguez: percussion
Roberto Rodriguez: percussion

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