Some people are discussuing a literary novel. One of them is a professor I know from when I was a graduate student. He asks me if I've been to some stately home. I'm embarrassed because I don't know the name. It's the location for the novel. I remember seeing it on tv and feel inadequate, that my education is lacking.

I'm outside at a theatrical performance of the novel. I'm with the main actor who appears to be my friend. He is upper class. So are the other people here, they're all wearing academic robes. I hear the theme music to a tv adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.

My friend is telling the upper class people that there are too few seats and that there are some students here. There could be trouble.

We are inside now at the back of the auditorium. I see the students. They stand out because they are dressed scruffily. One has red hair. I feel anxious because I am dressed scruffily too, when my friend has gone will the upper classes turn on me?

My friend tells some people in front that he is closely related to the people in the novel. It's about the decline of an upper class family. He wonders where their money went. There is some kind of conspiracy.

My friend is at the centre of the stage waiting for the play to start. He smiles at me. I remember I am on an important mission and leave the theatre.

I am in a shop selling beer and wine which is run by relatives of my friend and the family in the novel. I see the women who runs it. She is very fierce and I'm scared of her. She smiles slightly at me and I feel relieved that she approves of me.

I go upstairs. My mission is to find a man whose name begins 'Kaya'. He is a red-haired African. I think he is Kenyan. Upstairs everyone is waiting for the play to begin. It's packed and there is a deafening din of loud simultaneous conversations.

To make progress into the room I have to crawl on the floor to avoid an obstacle. Here I see an IRC channel. I answer a question about LaTeX on IRC because I feel Kaya is here and that this will get me closer to him. I look around the room for the people on the channel. I see them and approach.

One is a girl I know. I had feelings for her that I didn't act on. She might be flirting with me now. I'm unsure. I still want her so I flirt back.

The dream ends there. Professor Jung I need some help with this one.

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