I am the only one I know that dreams like this...

I've dreamt of guns. I've dreamt I shot someone with a shotgun (it did not leave the effect a shotgun would, though)... This scares me. Violence in my dreams... I see them all like a film; different camera angles, from third or first person, and close-ups. I want to make films: I think this is where the violence stems from, not that I've seen it in other movies.

The strange thing is that most of these dreams were not nightmares, I did not feel afraid. When I woke up after seeing a girl in the jungle get shot twice with large spears and a tiger (smoldering and on fire) lay down next to her, and from hunting a gorilla from above while a man and the burning tiger chased it below, the lasting effect was of surprise: surprise I was not upset at what I had seen or done. I was happy to have had a flying dream where I was not constantly falling, and I wondered why the ocean I stood in had no temperature or moisture; but I was more interested than frightened.

I've been an furry lioness (this is who I shot the guy as), and a bystander in a drug deal gone wrong (many people were shot here, the gunfire was immense): What the hell??? I do not read into my dreams, but ever so often I'll see something that should disturb be and wonder. Are these my movies arranging themselves in my head? -or are these other people's movies, imprinted on me subconsciously, effecting my desensitized mind?

Do you dream in colour? In different angles? Do you smell, touch, taste... see blood?