A person who bets on Don't Pass and Don't Come is considered a "Wrong Way" bettor. Despite the fact that he is betting on the best single bet on the table (not counting Odds bets, which are best viewed as modifications of Pass, Don't Pass, Come, and Don't Come bets), other Craps players will view him with hostility and sullen resentment. In their superstitious eyes, he's a jinx, because they think he's betting against them. No other bet on the Craps table will cause anyone to do so much as raise an eyebrow, no matter how stupid the bet is. But bet on the Don'ts, and all of a sudden, you're The Enemy.

The difference between Pass and Don't Pass (and Come and Don't Come, by extension) is a razor-thin margin. But it does exist, and attempting to dismiss it as unimportant is foolish. The House Edge on Pass is 1.414%, which is a very small margin. Taking single odds reduces it down to 0.707%; taking more odds shaves it even thinner. However, the base House Edge on Don't Pass is 1.408%, or 0.704% after odds - lower by a fraction of a percent. If you think that fraction doesn't matter, think again. Don't give the House any more of an edge than you have to.

If you prefer to bet the Pass line, don't take this as an attack. Just be aware of the odds - the true odds, not the posted table odds - of every bet you make.