Sydney, 16:29

Today be-ith Thursday - I don't actually think that has any relevance to anything I'm about to write, but it seemed like a good idea at the time to type it. Yes, I could very easily go back and erase it, but where would be the fun in that? I wouldn't have had this fantastic paragraph to write then! (I'll bet thats really upsetting everyone)

I have reached that annoying point where my experiencenow far outways my actual write-up count - so while I have the experience for level 3 now, Im about 30 write-ups short. Of course thats mainly due to the fact that I have done a number of daylogs in the last month or 2. Of course now I can't think of anything to write about to fill up 30 write ups. I could just wait a month doing a daylog everyday but that'd be really boring.

I think in a attempt to create more writeups I shall turn any daylogs I write into several nodes - errrmm.. mebbe not. Lets faces it my life just isn't interesting enough to make people want to go all around everything trying to figure out that I had coffee and a cigerette for breakfast this morning.

I'm really am just meandering aren't I?

I mean lets face it - nothing really interesting happened today. Certainly nothing worth noding about! Yet here I am.. rambling onto my keyboard. Hmmm.......

Well, this is a daylog, so I should really add something about my day huh? Well, I got to work, wrote some code, demo-ed the code, got some lunch, made changes to the code as discussed during the demo, got bored, surfed the web, and soon I will go home. Early. And enjoy it Ha har ha ha ha ha ha harrrrrr. Oohhh eeerr, I think I've been forgetting to take my medication. What the hell am I talking about?

I think I should probably stop writing this now......

Yes, yes I will
First time I submitted this I forgot to hardlink anything - don't you hate that?