16:00 (GMT +10:00) Sydney
Well, at my manager in back today so I thought I might end up doing some work - but no. The only work I've done today is that production wanted a function moved in my software to be part of the test cycle as apposed to a extra function. Excitement - and about 5 minutes work :P

Of course since I was waiting for my pay it still hasn't gone in - so now I'm broke and having to track down my flat mate to borrow money off him so I can afford to fill the car with petrol so I drive to Bathurst (see yesterday. Ack.. my theory is that they are now delaying paying us until pay reviews (which are soon! yay!)

I get to see my girlfriend!

Yay! I don't like living in a different city - after living together all last year (in the same dorm at Uni - got together during that year) and until Uni started this year made it a real shock to have her go back - still is everytime she leaves again after holidays. I tell you what I really must like that girl considering I moved to Sydney from Canberra and got a job here so I could be closer to her.

Did I mention I get to see my girlfriend tonight?

Heh.. well provided I acutally manage to get there!

Oh yeah, Help Me Pick A New Number Plate For My Car